Redhead anchor concrete fasteners

The DYNABOLT anchor is an anchor of robust sleeve that can be used for devices of concrete fasteners, concrete or brick blocks. The anchor is composed of a hex bolt, a spacing sleeve, head specifically designed expansion sleeve and a cone of expansion. Carbon features anchors 5th hex head bolt and a special organic clear rating zinc plating for added protection against corrosion (250 hours, neutral salt spray, ASTM B117). Stainless steel anchors are available in stainless steel Type 316.

The benefits are carbon and steel anchors characteristic 5th bolt for maximum strength. Carbon steel characteristic anchors a special organic transparent coating that allows reaching 250 hours, neutral spray test. Steel stainless anchors available in 316 SS as a standard product. Anchors heads finished, bolt can be easily removed. DYNABOLT Gold ® is ideal for attaching wood to concrete, concrete fasteners or brick blocks. DYNABOLT of gold ® holding offers excellent resistance to attach steel ledgers. DYNABOLT Gold ® has a huge finished head performance block injected or solid concrete for a staircase and secure rail installation. After hardening, the DYNABOLT of gold ® draws down and shortens in length. This dynamic creates holding great power while pulling down of uneven base plates.

Red sleeve head anchor, carbon steel, head Style Hex Nut, drill size 3/8 In, anchor of the effective of 1 7 length / 8 in, size Thread 5/16-18, Underride 1 1 Min / 2 in, Max working thickness 3/8 in., ultimate Tension to 4000 PSI concrete 3100 Lb, ultimate shear to 4000 PSI 3400 concrete Lb, meets / exceeds GSA FF – S-325 group IEN type 3 specification, class 3, package of 50. The “edge usually” reflects when an element is generally expected to ship from Grainger based on its storage location.


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